grizzly-pandabear said:
Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers! <3

thank you! well lets see…

1 I’m good at baking cakes and everything good and I love that

2 I like my hair (even tho I’m currently planning on cut it off)

3 I also like my lips I don’t even know why I just like them

4 I like that I never gave up on art even when I was doubting the most

5 I like my lack of hate I always try my best not to hate anyone

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aobasyellowsocks-official said:
You're art is so good! I'm so happy you're doing the kiss art challenge! <3

thank you! I always have a lot of problems when I try to draw kisses so this is helping me a lot to improve it!

I still have the request open so if you have any send me a message! I’m just so slow so I will not do it right away and I still have some request left

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Imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched

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Regarding Kyoani loves symbolism…


Are you feeling that you are out of depth in a particular situation? Do you find that the people around you are busy with their assignments and not noticing you. You might be feeling being left out of important discussions or decisions be it at home or be it in the office. You may have the feeling that everybody is going about doing their work without giving you and your presence a thought.

Seeing a mannequin in your dream signifies that due to some reason or the other, you have been relegated to such a role in your family affairs, that you have become a mere spectator with no voice of your own.

The mannequins in your dream may be dressed up for something but are not doing anything exactly. It signifies you are ready to do whatever job comes your way, but unsure of how to proceed.

You may have a mannequin dream where the mannequins are appearing wherever you are going. This may be a situation where in your subconscious mind you have a suspicion that you are being shadowed, stalked or followed. 

A dream may occur where you see the mannequins are trying to overpower you. This mannequin dream signifies that you are under a huge mental stress where somebody is forcing you to do something against your wishes.

A mannequin dream may leave you listless and tired, wondering what had gone wrong.


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today in 100% accurate subs

i watched too much 50%off ok

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Nobunaga Shimazaki

in Voice Animage Autumn 2014

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hey guys i’m still doing the kiss art challenge but i’m just pretty slow at drawing and i have this weekend a little bit busy so i will do the requests i have left next week!

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MakoHaru + 9 requested by sakuraconsoles and unkonageki

because you two requested the same I drew makoharu and harumako hope you like!  sorry for being so damn slow at drawing!

kiss art challenge

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More Baka couple makoharu doodles from EP9 ^^

First EP9 comic here ^^

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c’mon haru stop being so shy

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i still have 3 request left from the kiss art challenge why am i so slow at drawing omg

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u wake up on christmas morning and go downstairs, full of excitement. somebody is stealing all of your christmas presents. it is jesus. “its my birthday, not yours” he hisses menacingly, then runs away with all your gifts in his arms

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"WTF where did my coffee go?"

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